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          There are various types of Governor, appointed in different ways and from a variety of occupations, so that a cross-section of skills and experience is maintained. Governors are drawn from the local community and further afield. Each Governor serves a term of four years but this may be extend if the Governing Body agrees. To strengthen succession planning we aim to have a range of Governors with considerable experience working with newer Governors. Full details of the types and appointment methods are given in the Annual 报告 & 财务报告s (on this website in the 州长 menu).   



          • 设置学院信赖的战略方向
          • 拿着校长给占了学院的教育业绩
          • 确保资金的财务状况,廉洁和价值。


          管理机构 delegates some of its responsibilities to Committees or individuals and the full details of these decisions can be found in the 代表团计划 which is also in the Governors menu. The day to day management and running of the College is delegated to the Headteacher. The present Committees in place are as follows: Audit; 课程 & Standards; Finance; Pay; Personnel and Care, Guidance & Support. All 州长 serve on at least one Committee; some have specific responsibilities that may match their specialist skills and most link up with a department and/or year group within the 学院 to get an insight into its workings and to  get to know the staff.


          Currently the  Full Governing Body  meets every half term, as do most Committees.  In addition the Chairs of the Committees meet regularly with the Members of the Academy, the 学院 Business Manager and other invited Governors to discuss strategic planning. There are also Governor Panels that have specific duties relating to Student Disciplinary Issues , Staff Disciplinary Issues  and Grievances. There is also a Governors Panel  that assesses  the Headteacher’s performance against set targets.  Occasionally other working groups are formed for specific tasks. 勤 by 州长 at the Full Governing Body meetings,   Committees and Chairs & Members meetings was very high at 86% (233 attendees out of 271) for the year . The Headteacher attends many of the meetings with other meetings  attended by relevant members of the 高级领导团队).


          调速器保持位置在1 2018九月


          Information shown includes the date appointed and the end of their current term of office; their Committee membership and attendance levels .The committees are  Chairs & Members – C Audit – Aud; Finance – Fin; 课程 & Standards – C Pay – Pay; Care, Guidance & Support – CG Personnel – Pers. Other specific roles undertaken during the previous year and the department and/or year group to which the governors have been linked are also included.




          DEB泰勒: clerk@wyvern.hants.sch.uk 或写信给她,关心学院的地址。



          SO50 7AN


          联系电话: 023 80692679

          传真: 023 80603215

          电子邮件: enquiries@wyvern.hants.sch.uk


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